SOULFULL was brought into the rhythm of life to allow my artistic voice to flow through musings from my soul. Creating wearable offerings of art from previously loved silverware…a beautiful reminder that art is in everything.


Wildest dreams rested in the palms of hands that were filled with more rings than fingers. Unbeknownst to myself, my absolute fondness for rings would flow into a passion to create, combined with my curiosity for repurposing. An inkling that started as a whisper suddenly became an irresistible calling for my artistic voice to grow in a new direction.


Inspiration was fostered from roots deeply planted in a community of local artisans who surrounded me, enriching my life and guiding me to forge my own pathway. 


As the spoons began to take their form and slowly became pieces of jewellery, I knew I had to give myself that same amount of care and dive into this wholeheartedly. I became enthralled with the anticipation of hammering, bending and filing away at each piece until the potential I envisioned for it was resting in my hand and now passed on lovingly to yours. Welcoming SOULFULL creations into the rhythm of my life and growing this brand has allowed me to connect with, and learn from, so many incredible souls. 


I am eternally grateful for the path I get to walk and share with you.


With Gratitude 

– Meags